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The remarkable history, awe-inspiring philosophy and above all, the practice of Hellenistic techniques have shaken up and transformed my life and worldview.


I currently have a 2 to 3-week waiting list for readings as well as for tutoring sessions. To book a session, follow the link below. Horary still within 24 hours!


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Monthly Lunar Forecast and "Chart of the Month"

New Moon: November 23, 1° Sagittarius

Greater Benefic Jupiter is in the process of stationing direct as the Moon unites with the Sun in Zeus’s spiritual adventure park Sagittarius. They’re in good company. Unrestrained enthusiasm and tomfoolery are cheerfully offered by Venus and a somewhat roguish Mercury. This Sagittarius...


Chart of the Month

Often looked down upon by music critics, Italian composer Giacomo Puccini’s operas were wildly adored by the general public. The Moon, sect light in his nocturnal chart, and natural significator of the masses, shines bright. Nearing the degree of the Midheaven, this...

"An AMAZING consultation! Knowing nothing more than my first name, Michelle professionally, compassionately, and competently, told my life story simply from reading my chart. Her deep knowledge of Astrology and ability to clearly share her insights with me, not only validated my life, but gave me goosebumps over and over. I now realize that the universe knew all along what my purpose was, and that I am indeed connecting with that purpose on my journey. I'm so humbled, and excited. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge, and insights with me Michelle!" - Paula F.

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