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The remarkable history, awe-inspiring philosophy and above all, the practice of Hellenistic astrology have shaken up and transformed my life and worldview.


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Monthly Lunar Forecast and "Chart of the Month"

New Moon: November 4, 12° Scorpio

Every New Moon phase is said to be a new beginning. This New Moon might be a Big Bang version of that concept. The Sun and Moon will be exactly opposing Uranus who acts as a power surge. With Halloween still fresh in my memory, I imagine that a similar omen must have witnessed the awakening of Frankenstein’s monster.


Chart of the Month


In the late 90s, I watched The People vs. Larry Flynt, probably just because Courtney Love was popular in those days and she did an excellent job of playing the role of Althea, Larry Flynt’s fourth wife. Althea was the co-publisher of her husband’s pornography magazine Hustler.

Althea was one of five children who grew up in an...

"I'm a very private person and a little timid, but Michelle made me feel comfortable
right from the start. She's a good listener, and right about so many things...
The reading was very helpful. Thank you!" - Elise H.

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