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Natal and Horary Consultations

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Natal Chart Reading &
A Look Ahead

99 (one-hour online session)

An increased awareness of certain karmic patterns is a useful tool and an indispensable first step in any healing process and personal advancement.

In this one-hour online session we will explore your natal chart as well as address and loosen any lingering karmic knots. Our conversation will be adapted to your individual requests or requirements.

I warmly recommend asking me a question about something you really have your heart set on, which is a good starting point for a deep reading. I study the natal promise of your birth chart, and focus on essential patterns from the past, present and future.


After our session, I will send you a recording of the reading.

It is especially important that you have the precise birth date, birth time and birthplace. Preferred is the exact time on your birth certificate. If that is not available, look for the exact time in a baby book or newspaper birth announcement. Of course, you can also ask your parents if no other sources are available to you. As soon as you have this information, contact me so we can schedule our session together!

In-Depth Reading &
Look Ahead
(for returning clients)
89 (one-hour online session)

During this one-hour follow-up session, we will take a deep-dive into one or more specific themes in your life, and see what the stars have in store for you.

Using techniques such as Solar Return chart analysis, I will highlights the most important personal trends of the year. I will also pay close attention to your Time Lord by profection and trace all of the important transits to your natal planets. I often combine this with other techniques like the progressed lunation cycle and zodiacal releasing, to see when some of the key patterns of your natal promise will be activated.

You will also receive a recording of our session.


Synastry Reading:
9 (one-hour online session)

Receive clarity and guidance for your romantic relationship, family dynamics or business partnership through a synastry reading.

When two people meet, their fate inevitably becomes intertwined and certain behavioral and communication patterns emerge. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and explore ways to navigate challenges more successfully. We will also look at potential changes in the near future.

You will receive a recording of our session.

Horary Reading
25 (via e-mail)

Horary readings are based on asking simple, practical questions. To prepare, take your time and think very carefully about what it is that you want to know. Make sure that there are no hidden motivations. Reformulate the question if there are. It is important that you are completely sincere. Honest questions are more likely to be answered correctly!

Here’s an example of simple questions:

“Does he love me?” “Will I get the job?” “Will I make money?”

“Will I sell / buy the house?” “Will my sports team win?”


When you are confident that your question is entirely honest and only when you are ready to hear the answer, contact me with your question. I will then cast and interpret a horary chart and send you the answer through email.

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