Hellenistic Astrology Practice 


Mystery Chart Practice
€75 per hour
Schedule two sessions and get a third one for free!

These sessions are aimed towards students of Hellenistic astrology. I provide fun and exciting chart reading practice for students who want to build more self-confidence before making the big step to reading charts for clients. In this one hour-long individual session, I present students with a mystery natal chart, and guide and support them through step-by-step interpretations until they get close enough to the answer. After I reveal whose natal chart it is, we discuss the chart in depth.

Students will also receive a recording of this practice session.

I am there to guide and coach you, but you do have to be familiar with the basic Hellenistic concepts.

I am also open to any specific requests you might have, such as practicing specific techniques.

Please contact me for more info, and I'll get in touch with you asap!