This Lunar Cycle

Perhaps some of you are feeling the steady, rhythmical flow of this Taurus season. Ancient astrologers referred to the bottom of the horoscope chart as the Subterranean Place. Below ground, treasure lies hidden.

Modern minds tend to associate this treasure with all the precious minerals, gas and oil deep below the Earth’s surface, but I feel that ancient astrologers knew that we don’t have to dig that deeply. The magic is happening right in front of our eyes. It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere, and every year, the impossible happens. Colorful beauty delicately but persistently appears out of nowhere through the cracks of our gray-paved world, showing us, proving to us that life is unstoppable. Nothing makes me happier than to watch nature breathe as leaves unfold and wildflowers show their pretty faces. The scent of Spring is just divine. Life overcomes death in every single moment. Are we too familiar with this magical truth to truly appreciate and experience it?

Regardless of what season it is in your part of the world, this new lunar cycle in Taurus where Mother Nature is exalted, may restore this forgotten or neglected connection through revitalizing our natural joy and stimulating the pleasure of working in and with the living world. Supported by perseverance and patience, we have the opportunity to imitate life’s infinite beauty through working with our hands, using natural materials and to skillfully create artistic products inspired by our love for life. It is a time to enjoy the simplest pleasures that allow extraordinary beauty to unravel.

The lunar month starts with a partial solar eclipse. The Sun’s light will be partially dimmed in the southwestern part of South America. If this solar eclipse falls into a sensitive spot in your natal chart, this season’s steady daily rhythm may be slightly disrupted by some unpredictable events, supported by the restless so-presence from Uranus and a sextile from Mars. This eclipse might pierce a hole into our plans, suddenly removing some of the small tokens of comfort that we tend to hold on to or take for granted. Impulsive action may set this dynamic in motion, so this may not be the best time to change your mind or make long-term decisions.

No less than five of the seven traditional planets are either in their own domicile or exaltation right now, which is an exceptional occurrence! While this gives a sense of heightened drama, I feel that this solar eclipse may open the door to a new uplifting sense of purpose. All we need to do is walk through it!

Chart of the Month

British occultist Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn together with two other Freemasons. Famous members of the Golden Dawn were Aleister Crowley and William Butler Yeats.

It is easy to see Mather’s interest in the occult in several places in the chart, but one of the first places I usually look at is the 4th house, or the Subterranean Place, where we find ‘hidden treasure’. The 4th house is ruled by an exalted Moon in Taurus, conjunct the god of darkness, Saturn, and in turn, they are ruled by an exalted Venus in the 12th house which appropriately sets the stage for a strong pull towards mysteries and magic. Saturn rules both the Sun and Jupiter in the 10th house of social status and career.


These two planets speak loudly to Mathers’ prominence, as well as to his reputation for being eccentric. Before Uranus came on the scene, in traditional astrology it was Saturn who best described any bizarre and outlandish qualities.

Mathers was also interested in the theory of war, which is clearly expressed by Mars, rejoicing in the 6th house and making a beautiful trine to the Sun in the 10th house. Mars is a guest in Virgo, the sign of  translator Mercury. Mathers’ first book was a translation of a French military manual. He originally intended to build a career in the military but was unsuccessful. Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn, and it is still under the beams of the Sun. The Sun is in the process of separating from a conjunction with Jupiter, allowing Jupiter to escape its burning rays, and this may point to some initial delays in the development of his career. Jupiter’s less fortunate placement in Capricorn, however, indicates some challenges around his reputation, and while he was highly regarded by some, he also received a lot of criticism, which ultimately led to his expulsion from the Golden Dawn.

We find Mercury, the god of magic and astrology, in Sagittarius, where Mercury is exiled. However, Mercury is about to ingress into Capricorn to conjoin the degree of the MC. This symbolism greatly amplifies Mercury’s significance in the chart! He was a polyglot and translated many esoteric books and therefor introduced obscure and previously inaccessible material to the English-speaking world, effectively bringing higher knowledge from the 9th house into the world, the 10th house.   

Venus is also closely connected to the degree of the MC, thus pulled out of the obscurity of the 12th house. Venus as the natural ruler of love and relationships, and in this case as the ruler of the 7th house of marriage, represents Mathers’ wife Mina Bergson, who became his muse. According to the Golden Dawn they are the Magus and High Priestess of the order, which, in contrast to other societies, allowed women to become members.


Circling back to the Subterranean Place, we see it also tells the story of Mathers’ family, and his father in particular. Mathers’ father died when he was still a boy and we can see death in the family through the 4th house ruler, the Moon,  conjoining Saturn, the god of death.

The Moon and Saturn have another signification, however. They are in the 2nd house, and this is a place that supports the life and health of the native. We find our livelihood there and this includes the food that we eat. It makes sense that Mathers was very self-disciplined in this area of life. He was a vegetarian – possibly even vegan according to some sources. He always struggled with money. The exalted Moon was able to give him all he needed, but Saturn definitely limited his resources.

Samuel Mathers, like so many of his day, made a living as a sort of spiritual tramp. Who through his conviviality and charming nature was able to become somebody. A man who offered solace and hope to a Victorian world rife with mind-blowing sexual revolutions, emerging ideas of equality for women and death at every turn from consumption. He made a lasting mark on the occult world and we should all agree that Samuel Mathers did, in fact, die, a somebody. – Robert H. Johnson (Freemason and Managing Editor of the Midnight Freemasons blog)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s chart exploration. Until next time!