This Lunar Cycle

The only planet in the sky still moving at normal speed, other than the Lights, is Venus who will function as the host of this new lunar cycle that starts in Libra, just within three days after the equinox, a mysterious time of the year where the veil is thin as the temporary balance between light and dark acts as a bridge between our world and the Otherworld. Insomuch as this sign symbolizes the victory of darkness over light, the Sun is said to be depressed in Libra, which is opposite from Aries where Sol is exalted.

Two Couples Mirroring One Another

Undetected by her luminous guests, Venus in Virgo is in an aversion to Libra and yet she is discreetly linked to them through a hidden aspect called contra-antiscion, thereby mirroring the Lights. While she and her ruler Mercury are rapidly fusing into a tight adherence, hidden from sight under the beams of the Sun, they secretly feed the Sun and Moon’s union in Libra with feminine reason and resourcefulness.

However, with a fallen Sun ruled by a fallen Venus it looks like this month’s aspirations are forced to make a humble start. The silver lining is that, stranded at the bottom, the only way is up! At first glance, it looks like our patron of friendship, sprightly Jupiter in Aries, directly opposing the New Moon, is going to lend a helping hand but through an opposition from an individualistic Martian sign, Jupiter will mainly help us by showing that we are perfectly capable of solving our own problems.

This theme is further emphasized by Libra’s exaltation ruler Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars in Gemini, who are both witnessing the union of the lights from a trine. Together, they strongly impact this cycle by means of a quasi-gentle nudge toward diligence, self-mastery, restraint, and steady progress.

Something to Celebrate

By virtue of the dynamism of these Air trine configurations, efficiency and logic prevail over the desire to maintain a more pleasant harmony. This imprint will persist throughout the month although Venus’s ingress into Libra on September 29 will be welcomed with a sigh of relief. We’re all in for a treat when she will move into the heart of the Sun at the end of this lunar cycle, on October 22.


The last time Venus was cazimi in Libra was on September 24, 1879, so by all means, treasure this moment!

Chart of the Month

French symbol of sexual emancipation and controversial animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot started out as a model and actress in the 1950s and was once idolized by the young John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Nowadays she’s mostly known for her provocative outspokenness.

The tight conjunction between Mercury and 1st house ruler Jupiter in the 11th house of hopes and ideals, Mars’s trine to the degree of the ascendant as well as his opposition to Saturn, the mutual reception between Venus and Mercury, and the Moon in Mercury’s sign, all reveal that Brigitte wears her heart on her sleeve and that she strives to express her values and voice her opinions, using language that sounds passionate, unapologetic and antagonistic.


“Lucidity is excruciating and marvelous at the same time. I immediately see the flaw and it prevents me from escaping into a dream.” – Brigitte Bardot

Venus is said to be in her fall in Virgo, and this may illustrate the fact that she has always put her fame to good use in order to convey her message. Brigitte never seemed interested in continuing her career abroad. In fact, she thought Hollywood would destroy her. She suffered from nervousness and anxiety when having to perform in front of the camera. She retired from the entertainment industry in 1973.

“Popularity is a poison.” – Brigitte Bardot

Venus’s placement in the 10th house suggests that her perspective on justice and the way she harmonizes her ideas are met with challenges that play out in the public sphere, potentially damaging her reputation. On several occasions, Brigitte was fined for making public insults and inciting racial hatred.

“Animals have a purity that Man has definitively lost.” – Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte’s parents were severe upper-class conservatives. Their strictness caused a great deal of resentment. When young Brigitte and her sister broke their parents' favorite vase while playing, their father whipped them and started treating them as strangers from then on. Her parents also killed her pet rabbit and served him for dinner. A prominent sign of her rigid upbringing is the Moon – the natural significator of parents and family - moving into a malefic enclosure. At first glance, it looks like Venus intervenes and is able to prevent the enclosure, but Venus will have advanced farther into Virgo before the Moon reaches the entrapment between Mars and Saturn.

“The deepest wounds have always had to do with betrayals. That's what I dread the most, the betrayal of friends or loved ones.” – Brigitte Bardot

In general, the Moon is associated with the left eye. As a child, Brigitte suffered from amblyopia, which resulted in decreased vision of her left eye.

We see a strong conflict between both of the malefics in the chart. Mars and Saturn are mutually applying to oppose one another and point to a pattern of frustration as Mars’s burning impulse is to push forward while Saturn tends to step on the brakes. This could paint a picture of deep bitterness and rage. With both of these planets hemmed in by the deceptive lunar nodes, we can imagine it to be hard for Brigitte to break free from these hostile emotions and destructive thought patterns.


“I always knew that humanity was cruel, wicked, unjust, deceitful, inhuman, I wanted to leave it, for real, preferring another rottenness, healthier, that of death.” – Brigitte Bardot

The Moon rules the 8th house where we sometimes find a desire to escape the status quo, or even life itself, and by virtue of the Moon’s inferior trine to Saturn, it’s easy to imagine a tendency to rebel. When Brigitte was 16 and auditioning for a role in a movie, she fell in love with Roger Vadim. They wanted to get married, but her parents opposed the relationship and wanted to send her abroad. Subsequently, Brigitte threatened to take her own life. Her parents finally allowed her to get married at the age of 18. The marriage only lasted five years. The ever-changing Moon is ruled by curious Mercury, who adheres to Jupiter who always has a big appetite. She has been married four times and had over a hundred lovers. 

"I have always looked for passion. That's why I was often unfaithful. And when the passion was coming to an end, I was packing my suitcase.” – Brigitte Bardot

Another expression of the about-to-be-enclosed Moon is the story of Brigitte’s motherhood. She never wanted children and had several abortions. The ruler of the 5th house is Mars and in daytime charts like this one, Mars is always the most challenging planet according to ancient sect doctrine. In the fixed sign of Leo, the Warrior God describes fierce convictions and a destructive force, and Ketu, or the severed body of the dragon, literally indicates “detachment”.  In April 1959 when eclipses were happening in her 5th house of children, she became pregnant but this time she wasn’t able to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. She gave birth to a son who was mostly absent from her life. She had to pay damages to her son and ex-husband for the hurtful remarks she had made, comparing the baby in her womb to a tumor.

Brigitte disclosed her interest in astrology by titling her book “Pluto’s square”. Pluto in the 8th house squares her 1st house ruler. In traditional astrology, the opposition between Mars and Saturn, with Mars trining the ASC within 3° tells us the same story as Pluto. In her book, she included a letter protesting against Muslims ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without anesthetizing them first. The cutting of the throat is another very literal representation of Mars conjunct Ketu. She also had to go to court at one point for castrating her neighbor’s donkey!

Currently she resides with her 4th husband Bernard d’Ormale, who is a far-right politician, accompanied by a bunch of stray animals in Saint-Tropez, France.

I think Brigitte’s natal promise provides an excellent example of how somebody with a Libra stellium doesn’t necessarily shy away from expressing their thoughts and emotions, no matter how provocative they are!


Do I sound like a broken record when I say we always need to study the chart as a whole? You’re welcome to hear me repeat this in a private tutoring session… Contact me here!


I hope you enjoyed this month’s chart exploration and I’d love to hear your comments and questions!

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